1 3/4 cups tomato juice
1 garlic clove
4 cups swiss cheese or gruyere cheese, shredded (16 oz)
3 tablespoons flour
1/2 teaspoon worcestershire sauce (Use vegetarian Worcestershire to make this recipe vegetarian.)
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup vegetable broth
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
1/4 teaspoon dry mustard
1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/4 cup tomato juice

serve with

1 loaf French bread or focaccia bread, cubed
1 small red potato, steamed & quartered
  diced ham
  1. In top of double boiler heat 1 3/4 cups tomato juice with garlic until very hot.
  2. Place over boiling water, and remove garlic.
  3. Add cheese, a small amount at a time stirring constantly until cheese is melted.
  4. Combine flour, Worcestershire sauce, and seasonings with 1/4 cup tomato juice; stir into cheese mixture.
  5. Continue stirring until smooth; if the fondue becomes too thick, add more tomato juice and broth.



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