west Balaton lake and Héviz


in large pot heat the lard and lightly brown the tarhonya over moderate heat
add and brown two finely chopped white onions
stirr in 2 spoons of sweet paprika and stirr
add boiling salted water or vegetable broth  (about 700 -1000 ml for 500gr of tarhoya)
add 2 diced yellow peppers without seeds and skin
add 2 pealed tomatoes
bring to boil

cover and cook in oven under  moderate heat for 20 minutes
serve with  paprika roux apart (butter , flour and paprika) or paprika hot sauce

(for five peoples)

2 white onions
beef cutted in cube shape ( 20 cubes)
2 tomatoes without seeds and skin
2 yellow peppers without skin and seeds
salt and black pepper to taste
boiling salted water or vegetable broth
2 spoons of sweet paprika
5 chopped potatoes
1 glass of red wine (optional)

3 eggs

fry 2 white chopped onions in lard
add 20 cubes of beef
add 2 tomatos and 2 chopped yellow peppers
season with salt and black pepper

add water or vegetable broth and cook till the beef is tnearly ender ( may last two-three hours)

add chopped potatoes and cook till became tender
add 2 spoons of sweet paprika
add 1 glass of red wine (optional)

made the suoup boiling and  finally add the cispetke
(3 eggs beaten with flour to obtain a consistent dough to prepare small peas shape balls)
after three minutes the goulash is ready

il PORKOLT è uno spezzatino tipico ungherese
si inizia rosolando una cipolla nell'olio e nel lardo.
si aggiunge poi la carne
(nel caso sopra illustrato  i testicoli di gallo precotti al vapore)
la carne deve essere  "bruciacchiata" a fuoco elevato
(PORKOLT vuol dire bruciacchiato)
si aggiunge poi la paprika in polvere e si continua la cottura a fuoco bassissimo per 3 - 4 ore aggiungendo brodo , pomodori e pezzetti di peperone
(l'ideale sarebbe la cottura sulla stufa)
la carne infine deve un po sfaldarsi

foto Valeria Franzini

Valeria Franzini